Washington loses to Carolina, NFC East race goes down to Week 17

The NFC East race will be decided on the final day of the regular season.

The Washington Football Team had a chance to clinch the division today, but instead laid an egg in an ugly loss to the Carolina Panthers. Now Washington will see if it can win the division next week.

If the Football Team beats the Eagles in Week 17, then the Football Team wins the NFC East. But a loss next week would eliminate the Football Team. At this moment, the Eagles, Cowboys and Giants are all still alive, although the Eagles-Cowboys loser will be eliminated.

Today’s game was a disaster for Dwayne Haskins, last year’s first-round pick who has been bumped down to third string. After three turnovers, Haskins was benched for fourth-string quarterback Taylor Heinicke, who was better than Haskins but not good enough to lead Washington to a victory.

The NFC East race is still there for the taking in Week 17. But Washington better hope Alex Smith is healthy.