‘There is still good in the world’ Holiday relief efforts provide food, gifts for families

Love and generosity continue to arrive in carloads at the ABCCM Christmas Angel Shop.

Caption: WLOS
“If you’ll take this in, then we get more on the next load,” said Deborah Bradshaw.

“We really appreciate all the donors,” a woman said, taking some of the donations in.

ABCCM’s been doing this for 51 years. Bradshaw dropped off goodies contributed by friends at New Life Community Church. They’ve taken hundreds of kids under their wings.

“The items that our church collected were items that were listed on these angels,” Bradshaw explained.

“I am sure they’re going to be thrilled. Even though to some people this may seem like a lot of gifts for one child, it’s one time of year.”

The donations give family members lots of options when they browse the ABCCM Christmas Angel Shop. The effort provide gifts for 1,000 children this year.

ABCCM will continue to collect gifts and applications through Christmas Eve at the shop, which is located at 153 Smokey Park Highway.

“Oh I love it because we get to help out our community,” said Bradshaw. “Every child deserves a merry Christmas and I thank ABCCM for providing a way to accomplish that.”

Meanwhile, at Asheville High School, we saw another holiday outpouring. That one included 150 Asheville City School families.

They were loaded up with gifts. Also, they got meals donated by The River of Life Church.

“It’s how we show our families that we care. We want them to know, this is like a hug from us,” said Nicole Cush, the principal at the School of Inquiry & Life Sciences at Asheville, or SILSA. “This is us saying ‘We’ve got you in this tough time. You’re not alone.'”

“This means that we’re able to provide a little extra love and support to the people that mean so much to us,” says Cush.

That kindness means the world.

Back at ABCCM, Marcus Stump donated gifts from he and his wife Nancy, marveling at the shop full of toys.

“It just swells up my heart to see people donating, and giving to those who may not have as much as other people do. There is still good in the world,” Stump says.